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Have ye ever wondered what it would be like to live in a castle or to wander the castle grounds?...Wouldst thou like to hoist a tankard of ale or mead (an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water) or eat a whole chicken? How about just a drumstick?...A Turkey Drumstick, of course!...Maybe ye'd like to duck down a cobblestone lane to steal a kiss or three with a willing maiden...Maybe ye'd like to BE that maiden, a belly dancer, a knight, visiting King, blacksmith, friar or a serving wench. Would a Lady in Waiting be more to your liking so that ye could discover what it is that's worth the wait?...or perhaps ye'd like to develop wings & pointed ears and morph into a forest fairy?...or a centaur or another fantasy creature? Even if all ye'd like to do is enjoy the antics of your fellow chatters.....Wednesday, August 19th at 8 pm eastern......will be an opportunity to let your imaginations run wild, cast yourselves back into Medieval and Renaissance times and join in on the fun that's to be had at Dockwave's Renaissance Faire!

What's coming up in Dockwave?
~ The First and Third Monday of every month we have an Icon Raffle. 9 pm eastern
~ Tuesday night is Trivia Night in the Game Room. We start promptly at 10 pm eastern / 9 pm central
~ The last Friday of every month; 9 pm eastern - Intuitive Readings by Winds Whisper.
Please check our calendar for all of the details ... and join in on the fun!

This is a fun place for adults to chat and make friends - in our "E", "R", and "HR" rated chatrooms with NO advertising. Choose a room, pull up a chair, and make yourself at home!

Use of the site constitutes agreement to and acceptance of all policies located here: Dockwave Policies

Html chat is fast and easy. There's no downloading or plug-ins required. Sign-up is required to comply with minimum age regulations, and only requires a birthdate and valid email address. You can be chatting in a minute or two! By joining you certify you are over 18 and adult content is legal where you reside. If under 18, please click here.

  • Icons up to 160 x 160 and up to 50 K can be used to display your assets!
  • We also offer extra icons! Free chat still has 5 public icons, Star Membership has 20 icons, Superstar comes with 40 icons, and Shooting star has 50! Still have a lot of time left on your account, but want more icons ?? Let us know!

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